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Literatim is proud to serve the Korean and English translation, editing, and localization needs of some of the world’s largest corporations and organizations as a partner committed to their success. Following is just some of the positive things our clients say about us.

Korean Translation

Imagine having the time and freedom to focus on the more important stuff and get more done, instead of spending hours on end reviewing and correcting documents. That’s the reality we make possible.

“Literatim always delivers highly polished, ready-to-publish translations in a professional and timely manner. They create real value for us by delivering time and time again integrated, unrivaled results built on in-depth market insight. Literatim is an indispensable partner in our internal and external corporate communication efforts and enables us to reach our objectives.”

Kristina Kim, Assistant PR Manager       

Korean Translation

“My team and I work directly with Literatim for all our translation projects and are always confident that we will receive quality work on time. Although engineering and construction is a complex industry with a vernacular unique to its own, Literatim delivers superior work that allows us to move straight into print production and communicate with our audiences more efficiently.”

Charlotte Lee, Manager of Corporate Communications       

Korean Translation

“We work with Literatim on projects for some of our most valued clients and have come to confide in the quality of their work. Literatim is a professional, reliable, and accessible partner and one of our strongest assets in this competitive field. I know of no other company offering the same level of Korean-to-English translation quality and recommend Literatim with confidence.”

Seo Chang-beom, Managing Director       

Korean Translation

Corporate professionals rely on our turnkey services and our effective and high-quality translations to impress and communicate with their superiors, colleagues, partners, and clients alike.

Korean Translation
Korean Translation

“Literatim has worked on numerous translation projects for our most valued clients and earned a solid reputation in our office for quality. They are a professional, reliable, and accessible translation services provider that is well versed in all of the latest assistance technologies and also one of our strongest assets in this competitive field.”

Kwon Cheol-beom, Project Manager       

Korean Translation

“Literatim has worked on countless projects with us, covering all subjects and fields conceivable. My greatest appreciation for Literatim is that clients he helped service remain with our company and even go out of their way to refer others to us. Any company afforded with Literatim’s services would be fortunate. I strongly recommend Literatim.”

Kim Nak-hee, CEO       

Korean Translation

“Since 2010, Literatim has consistently produced high-quality work on our most important video game and software localization projects. Literatim is always on time, communicative, and collaborative. We count on Literatim as our primary service provider on our most important projects and wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Kim Sanghyuk, PMP and Vendor Manager       

Our clients continue to rely on us year after year. Contact us today to find out why.

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