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Sample Request

Thank you for deciding to give us a chance. Please use the form below to submit your request along with the source document(s) and any reference material you may have. Also, please remember to include specific instructions you'd like us to follow.

Terms and Conditions

  • We offer our prospective clients a free sample translation of up to 500 source words (Korean or English).

  • Literatim reserves the right to refuse sample-translation requests by individuals or organization deemed to be abusing the offer or exploiting it for financial gain.

  • Note that certain source documents are so poor in quality as to render it untranslatable.

  • This offer is available to potential clients only as a means of proving the quality and value of Literatim's services and does not apply to existing clients.

  • Completion and delivery of the translation sample may take up to three (3) business days, depending on the existing workload.

  • This offer is not redeemable in any other form than as offered.

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