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Why Literatim

Our commitment to the success of our clients is absolute and unwavering, which is why we work hard to provide services that go well above and beyond expectation. With Literatim, you can rest assured knowing we make the following six promises for each and every assignment we are entrusted with.

Korean Translation

We take the stress out with streamlined processes requiring minimal client input. No complications, no headaches, no hassles. Just high-quality results you can depend on and put to use right away.


Quality is priority number one, and we achieve the highest level of quality by working with qualified professionals, utilizing proven quality-assurance measures, and leveraging advanced tools in all our project undertakings big or small.


Business moves at the speed of light, and our efficient project management system and global network of professional translation and localization professionals enable us to realize the fastest turnaround possible and meet challenging deadlines.


More than a decade of experience as a B2B specialist give us an intimidate understanding of corporate needs and the clairvoyance to identify and prevent problems before they occur. Trust us to handle your large and complex projects with a degree of efficiency like no other.


We guarantee client satisfaction. It’s as simple as that. Our priority is to deliver the highest level of quality on the first try, but if you aren’t satisfied with the results for whatever reason we will make it right no matter how long it takes or won’t charge you a penny for the work.


Success in the business world relies on clear and rapid communication. From order placement to final delivery, we maintain multiple channels of communication to respond to our clients' requests and requirements as promptly as possible.


Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end when we hand over the deliverables. We understand circumstances can change with minimal notice and that revisions will have to be made. That’s why we offer complete follow-up support for all our services.

Literatim is the superior choice. We deliver quality results time and time again and are always there to support our clients with any issue or problem they may have. With us, you will know exactly what you'll get each and every time. 

“Literatim always delivers highly polished, ready-to-publish translations in a professional and timely manner. They create real value for us by delivering time and time again integrated, unrivaled results built on in-depth market insight. Literatim is an indispensable partner in our internal and external corporate communication efforts and enables us to reach our objectives.”

Kristina Kim, Assistant PR Manager

Korean Translation
Korean Translation

“We work with Literatim on projects for some of our most valued clients and have come to confide in the quality of their work. Literatim is a professional, reliable, and accessible partner and one of our strongest assets in this competitive field. I know of no other company offering the same level of Korean-to-English translation quality and recommend Literatim with confidence.”

Seo Chang-beom, Managing Director

“Since 2010, Literatim has consistently produced high-quality work on our most important video game and software localization projects. Literatim is always on time, communicative, and collaborative. We count on Literatim as our primary service provider on our most important projects and wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Kim Sanghyuk, PMP and Vendor Manager

Korean Translation

Give us a chance to prove ourselves. Request a free work sample or contact us for more information.

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